The potty training phase is one of the milestones in family life: sometimes easy peasy (too much so even), it can sometimes be an uphill struggle, one that may seem never-ending.


Day-in, day-out it can be tough: at best, it just means changing sheets and pyjamas in the middle of the night; at worst, the mattress, duvet and pillow are also drenched. This is when the pandemonium begins and everything has to be changed!


Sophie was inspired by her role as mother of 3 beautiful, wonderful and incredible children to develop a range of bed linen that puts the fun into functional. The goal:


- help parents keep their cool when faced with these small everyday disasters.


- offer children bed linen they love and that helps them through these difficult times without the stress


After noticing a gap in the market for the fun and the functional, Sophie decided to fill it.


Step 1 - find a membrane that is waterproof YET breathable and noiseless.


Step 2 - find a super soft 100% cotton fabric


Step 3 - develop a fun collection (after all, it designed for children), in good taste (because parents are the ones who decorate the room) and modular (it’s great to be able to change mood simply by turning over your duvet or mixing and matching it with a sheet or pillowcase in another colour).


After successfully delivering on all three objectives, LOUIS LE SEC was born at the beginning of 2014.


The initial idea was thus fulfilled but soon the product proved much more useful: protection against all liquids (potty training, bedwetting, mild childhood illnesses - vomiting, nosebleed, etc. - spilled bottles) barrier against dust mites (allergy, sensitivity) and simply bedding protection.


Discover the world of Louis Le Sec now on the website or in our dealer’s stores.


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