You have found the answers to all the assignments in the Louis Le Sec packaging.


Look your duvet cover or color the drawing (your can print it - click on the image here under).


Chapter I

Where is the Little Red Riding Hood?

 Where are the 7 dwarfs?

 What is the squirrel eating?

 Where is the weasel’s drum?

 What is the beaver doing?

 Where are the members of the family LeSec?

 What does the cross-eyed raccoon?

 Where is the skunk and what does it do?

 Where is the skin of the bear?

How many pointed hats are there ?

Who is the intruder? Where is it?

Which tale occurs in a gingerbread house?


Chapter II

Odd one out!

What has the weasel lost?

Find the members of the LeSec family!

Find the Crow and the Fox.

Where is the school bag of the weasel?

Who is pursued by the hare?

Who is waiting for a kiss?

What are those leaves on your duvet cover?

Discover them all HERE


Imagine a new character, draw it (not on your duvet cover!) and stage it in a great forest. Send us this new story via the website’s « Contact » page, the most beautiful stories will be online.








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