Big hooded towels

The hooded towel frees your hands to take care of your baby and keeps you dry during baby bath time.

Waterproof bibs

The bib is sweet, absorbent, flexible but waterproof.

All Around tetra

The All Around are 40*60cm nappies to bring everywhere and to use for everything: in the bed, the cot, the pram, the buggy; in the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room; in the car, at the park, at the beach, during travelling, … It can be used as a changing pad, a sheet, a pillow case, a cover, a bib, a burp pad, a nice buddy, …. With one terry towel side and one Louis Le Sec fabric side, the All Around is waterproof and is a barrier against bedbugs, viruses and bacteria. The All Around's are you new daily buddies. There are easy to carry: roll and go!

Waterproof nursing pad...

The cover, with magical printings or matching plain colors, is waterproof and goes on the nursing pillow like an invisible protection. Really pratical to take the pillow over from the maternity ... to the beach! Also ideal for protecting the pillow when baby regurgitates. The waterproof membrane is inside, the outside is made of cotton jersey ... so the protection is invisible. The cover is very comfortable to the touch and makes no noise! Although pillows can be washed ... mothers rarely want to separate so long!

Changing pad covers

The changing pad covers complet the collection "Un Conte dans la Forêt" chapiter I and chapter II. Made of printed fabric or plain color, … make your choice ! They are all waterproof and are a barrier against bacteria.

Washable wipes

They are respectful for environment … think about all the wipes we use everyday and that we usually throw away ! The washables wipes replace the classical disposable wipes : reusable, practical and healthy. They meet all needs: baby change, facial cleaning, cleansing wipes, etc. 2 packs of 5 washable wipes are available: one blue pack (1 grey, 2 blue and 2 white) and one pink pack (1 grey, 2 pink and 2 white) !

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